Youth Clubs and Locations in India

Youth are the leaders of tomorrow while partnering of today. Young people brings change, challenge and progress in the society. They play a crucial role in the nation building, therefore every bit of positive contribution to be accounted for nation's credit.

Youth educate each other, create moments and reflect themselves. They are dynamic in nature and active everywhere. They wanted to spend their energy, time and talents to societies, making ways to spend fruitfully.

Central Govt. and State Govt. setup various organizations and clubs across the country in which Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan -NYKS- has extremely powerful organizational setup and many activities to make use of youths building nations. Here you can search and find the detailed list and addresses of youth clubs published in a user friendly environment.

Vasundara Vignana Vikasa Mandali, Godavarikhani, Karimnagar

వసుంధర విజ్ఞాన వికాస మండలి సామాజిక సంస్థ 1993 నవంబర్ 1 న కరీం నగర్ జిల్లా గోదావరిఖని ప్రాంతంలోని 8వ,కాలనీ లో స్థాపించబడింది.వైద్యుల మధుధర్మారెడ్డి (మధుకర్ వైద్యుల )తన మిత్రులతో కలసి స్థాపించిన ఈ సంస్థ గడసిన23 సంవత్సరాలుగ అనేక సామాజిక, సాంస్క్సుతిక,సేవ కార్యక్రమలతో పాటు తెలంగాణ సాధన ఉద్యమాలు నిర్వహించింది. ఇటివలే తన 22వ వార్షికోత్సవాన్ని ఘనంగా నిర్వహించుకొంది. ఈ సందర్బంగా మధుకర్ వైద్యుల రాసిన స్వతంత్ర సుమాలు కవిత సంపుటిని కూడా ఆవిస్కరించారు.


SITUATED AT RATANPUR,DEBIPUR,NANDIGRAM,HARIPUR GP-5,NANDIGRAM BLOCK-1,EAST MEDINIPUR,WEST BENGAL,PIN:721650,,phone no:09916199324(Arun Midya),09761770796(partha sarathi jana),9858810424/8145229861(Tapabbrata Maity),8967622195(swapan jana),8001444408(soumitra midya).
President:Tapabrata Maity & Partha sarathi jana,

Rengoni A hope, Vill+PO Dagaon

The Word Rengoni itself represents the aim and ambition of the Organisation. R for Rural People, E for Encouragement, N for New Generation, G for Group, O for Of, N for North East and I for India. Its main objective is to encourage the people’s activity, which they are presently doing and to upgrade their activity by supporting them financially and with advanced training.

Young Star Club, Temi South Sikkim

Young Star Club temi was established in the year 1987 with full new energy to serve the society by some energetic Youngsters of Temi. For many years they carried out the good work in the field of Social activities, Entertainment, Music and Drama in full swing.
But in the Year 2007 due to some reason it was inactive and as it was started for a good reason for the betterment of the Society, the Youngster of today's generation felt the need of its Revival and hence they are trying to restart the club with the same purpose but with the new Vision and the Reason.