Youth Clubs In India

Dynamic and talented youths circumvent how to achieve their dreams come true. They can easily gather as a group, disclose their dreams and visions together forming meaningful groups.

Youth Clubs In India

They can meet each other as and when they required, discus and plan their programs, select or appoint volunteers, bring a mass to participate in their programs.

Youth Clubs - An Overview

Youth clubs give youngsters a minimal effort place to go outside of school, offering them a feeling of belonging. Youngsters go there, with youth clubs open to all youngsters. The exercises and backing from club pioneers and volunteers permit youngsters to learn new abilities and assemble certainty and strength for the future, and in addition have a great time.

Numerous youth clubs are set up to furnish youngsters with exercises intended to keep them off the streets and out of trouble, and to give them an occupation and an enthusiasm in activities. Supporting youngsters to  offer high quality opportunities which help them achieve strong positive results is a core part of a youth club.

According to Youth Club manual of NYK,

Youth Club is a community based organisation working on the premise that "Youth development will be brought about by youth themselves."

  • Youth Club builds and enhances the leadership capacity of their youths.
  • Youth Club becomes the stimulant of new ideas and creativities.
  • Youth Club enhances the responsibility and competencies of young people.
  • Youth Club becomes the nursery of democracy.

Youth Clubs - Mainstay of Nation Building Programmes

Moreover, youths, who are participated in Youth Clubs are the mainstay of nation building programmes and building block of the Nation. Through volunteer-ism, Youth Clubs can participate and contribute in the programmes for nation building. The basics of our democracy starts from Youth Clubs, hence it is the nursery of our Democracy.

In India, Youth clubs the vital roots of democratic association of young people residing mainly in semi urban areas. It can be extended to rural and remote villages of the country due participation of other Govt. agencies along with Youth Clubs. Among youths, barriers of socio economic, political and religious diversities can be over ridden for the development of their community.

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