Sahaayata - Helping Yourself to Help Others, Berhampur, Odisha

Sahaayata - Helping Yourself to Help Others -

"Today's Youth is Tommorow's India"

“Sahaayata” is a Socio-Spiritual not-for-profit making organisation which caters to the life needs of people in terms of both internal and external world of an individual, with an objective to learn, grow, receive from everyone and the universe and in turn contribute back in gratitude to the universe. Hence the maxim: “Helping yourself to help others”. This is achieved by Sahaayata conducting various courses and activities free of cost.

Sahaayata works with all age groups (youth in particular) in coping with and successfully managing the challenges thrown at us all the time – from relationships, education, marriage, career, old age etc. It is at every stage in life that we need a different set of skills to be able to manage it well effectively and most importantly, enjoyably. More often than not we end up making a miserable mess of the whole experience and end up with the proverbial bitter taste in the mouth – wanting us to relive the whole experience in an all-together new way. Sadly, we cannot rewind time in this one life together – Sahaayata is here to help us transcend the challenge of life and make it one of the most important and enjoyable experience of our life. Equipped with a very learned faculty with deeply experienced teachings to serve as guiding lights with an experience of conducting Life Coaching Courses and Personal Counselling for more than 20 years, the Centre is very basic but well equipped to handle the demands from both individuals and mass groups including corporates and institutions. To partake of its life transforming offerings, please read, register and participate in the weekly / daily events to have a taste of its healing medicine! You are welcome to take Sahaayata and make it your personal waypoint to success!


Sahaayata Prayer, Healing and Meditation Centre
Canal Street, 2nd Lane Extn.,
Gandhi Nagar, Berhampur,
Ganjam District, Odisha - 760001
+91 9439847119; +91 9078981918,

Regular Activities: 
Free Prayers, Healings, Meditations, Personal and Career Counselling, Life Coaching Classes, Youth Excellence Programs, Parenting, Child Management, Personality Building, Building India, Rural Youth and elders Programs etc

Conducted in several institutions across India - Bombay Stock Exchange, Indian Merchants Chambers, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Gymkana Clubs, National Defence Academy, SVP National Police Academy, Several PSUs like NTPC, BHEL, SAIL, NALCO, IOCL, etc..and many schools and colleges...


Contact Name and Position: 
Chakradhar, Centre in-Charge
Official Phone: 
Canal Street,
2nd Lane Extn.,
Gandhi Nagar
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Forthcoming Events: 

Sahaayata Vardaan Course (Free)
19 & 20 March 2016
Sahaayata Prayer, Healing and Meditation Centre,
2nd Lane Extn., Gandhi Nagar, Berhampur, Odisha

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Sahaayata Prayer and Meditation Centre, Ganjam, Odisha